The Key Question to Help Dislodge a Competitive Vendor Relationship

You’re in a conversation with a prospect and you finally pop the question:

“What do you like (or dislike) about your current supplier?”

The prospect says:

“Well, we’re happy with whom we’re using now. But I’m willing to listen to what you have to offer.”

Now you’ve got a big problem

Because you didn’t get the complete answer you were looking for, you go into your usual “sales spiel.”

Ten minutes later, the prospect says:

“Well thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed hearing what you have to say, and when, or if, we decide to look at other options, we’ll give you a call.”

The sales call comes to a close with no next steps or action plan to move the sales relationship forward. What do you think are the chances this prospect is gonna give you a call?

Low probability. You’ve lost control.

Next time, when you’re trying to gauge whether there’s an opportunity to disrupt a competitor supplier relationship, there’s a much more effective way to ask the question. Click on the video to find out.


  1. Paul, I’ve been guilty of asking that dumb question, ‘What do you like about your current vendor.” Oh boy, did I get the wrong answer. the question you give really does neutralize the answer. you can’t go wrong with your question. love it.

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