Selling Skills Workshop

Upsell and Cross-Sell to Win More Sales

This workshop is inspired by concepts introduced in Questions That Sell, the top-selling, game-changing book by Paul Cherry

Workshop Overview

In today’s sales environment, do you find:

  1. The competition is stealing business away?
  2. Customers only seem to care about price.
  3. Margins continue to erode?
  4. Prospects want free consulting advice?
  5. Customers are stalling and putting off decisions?
  6. Customer loyalty appears to be dissipating?

Perhaps your selling strategy that worked for you in the past isn’t as effective today — maybe it’s time to restrategize your selling approach to win in a post-recession economy. According to research, in order to become a high-level sales superstar, you need to stop bad habits, worn out sales strategies and false assumptions which are costing you and your organization countless clients, revenues and higher profits — 85% of our sales success is based on taking control and develping new skills.

Actions We Help You Develop

  • Learning what it takes to out-sell in today’s economy?
  • Finding out why most customers today are receptive to paying more — discovering how to appeal to what they value.
  • Engaging the customer who bullies you on price, and gaining his respect.
  • Gaining access to key decision-makers.
  • Maintaining your credibility by not dropping your price.
  • Understanding what really motivates your customers. And learning why it’s not price.
  • Learning why great closers rarely have to ask for the sale — how to get customers to do the closing for you.

On-Site Customized Sales Training:

Our workshops are targeted to your industry-specific challenges and language