Sales Workshop Unseating an Entrenched Competitor

What research says…

The majority of sales prospects ( 75% ) claim to be “satisfied” with their current suppliers…

What should you do?

Only play ball with the 25% who are “not satisfied”
Create a winning strategy to go head‑to‑head and outsell these entrenched competitors!

How often does this frustration occur? You initiate a new sales opportunity and the prospect says, “We’re happy with our existing supplier?”

Why is this? Your offer is better to what they’re using — even SUPERIOR. If only you could get the prospect to listen.

Unfortunately, when trying to unseat a competitor, challenges exist. Traditional selling techniques can often work against you. Plus, studies show that prospects are so change-resistant, your benefits often have to triple-outweigh the the perceived “pain of change.”

Our solution: Unseating an Entrenched Competitor sales workshop.

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Unseating an Entrenched Competitor
Objectives and Takeaways

  1. Develop alternative approaches to “tradition selling techniques” that backfire such as:
    • Feature-benefit selling
    • Low-ball pricing
    • Groveling for a small piece of the business
    • Pointing out competitors’ weaknesses
  2. “Turn the tables” and use a prospect’s resistance to change to your advantage to propel the sale forward.
  3. Instead of listing numerous competitive advantages, focus your efforts by accentuating and emphasizing only one primary advantage — compelling your prospect to choose you.
  4. Uncover what services and products you and your competitor both offer — then plan a strategy to differentiate your services to gain the advantage.
  5. Develop effective research techniques when dealing with a new customer to better understand the prospect’s unfilled and unmet needs.
  6. Create a positive rapport with customers to position yourself as a strategic supplier and not a “product peddler” scrambling for a few quick deals.
  7. Master intuitive discovery questions that uncover underlying customer motivations, disrupt complacency, and shake up the status quo.
  8. Learn to avoid common manipulations — like when a prospect asks you for a quote, pretending to be interested — and then uses the information to leverage a better deal with their existing vendor — leaving you out in the cold.
  9. Present with such confidence and conviction that your solution will be the undisputed winner.

Competition Research

The Competition Research Guide provides workshop participants with an effective learning tool that assists in developing a strategic game-plan to unseat, displace, and outsell entrenched competitors!

The Sales Bridge Model

“Unseating an Entrenched Competitor” follows our Sales Bridge Model

The Sales Bridge Model allows us to develop a truly customized training solution for any organization through listening to a sales leader’s concerns, diagnosing strengths, and discovering weaknesses. It divides the sales process into six steps creating a “roadmap” to precisely navigate and address an organization’s sales and management challenges.

Delivery Options

  • On-Site: Instructor-led live presentations conducted in-person and on‑site (or at a specified location.)
  • Web Seminar: Instructor‑led live Internet meeting provided in a fast‑paced highly‑charged format.

Training Length

  • Keynote: A smart choice for a special meeting or important conference.
  • 1 to 4 Hour: Highly‑interactive and insightful sessions that get sales teams motivated to engage customers more effectively.
  • 1 to 1 ½ Day: Sessions that dig deeper into the content with skill‑building exercises to reinforce new behaviors.

This program is inspired by the top‑rated book by Paul Cherry

The workshop’s curriculum corresponds to concepts introduced in Questions That Sell, the 2nd edition, bestselling book published by the American Management Association (AMACOM).

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Performance Guarantee

Performance Based Results guarantees your satisfaction. If overall participant feedback is less than satisfactory, we’ll give you your money back, guaranteed. We dare anyone else to offer a similar guarantee. Your sales team will walk away feeling energized and armed with actionable strategies that can be put into action immediately. With 84% of our clients seeing a 12-to-1 return on their investment, you’ll be glad you chose Performance Based Results for your sales training needs.