Selling Skills Workshop

Succeed at Selling to Difficult Customers

This workshop is inspired by concepts introduced in Questions That Sell, the top-selling, game-changing book by Paul Cherry


Customers today are more demanding than ever. Some will bully you to get price concessions. Others will put off decisions until you’ll cave in. A few will even embellish the truth. Many won’t think twice to take their business elsewhere if you can’t acquiesce to their demands.

Learn how to proactively manage your most difficult customer relationships and turn them into thriving and profitable opportunities. Level the playing field and sell from a position of strength. You’ll gain valuable insight on how to create and sell value, understand what really motivates your customers, gain access to the right people, qualify opportunities upfront before you waste precious time and resources, and close more business at the margins you want.

Actions We Help You Develop

1. How Difficult Customers Can Create the Best Sales Opportunities

  • Creating emotional and economic value.
  • Focusing on customer loyalty - not customer satisfaction.
  • Managing customers’ expectations and holding them accountable.

2. Building and Solidifying the Right Relationships

  • Asking the tough questions to get to the real issues.
  • Zeroing in on hidden buying information.
  • Adapting your selling approach to customer roles.

3. Overcoming Objections, Stalls, and Price Bully Tactics

  • Turning resistance into opportunity.
  • Negotiating from a position of strength.
  • Pulling-the-plug on unproductive customers.

On-Site Customized Sales Training:

Our workshops are targeted to your industry-specific challenges and language