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Sales Coaching Training

When you look at your sales team, what do you see? Do you see one sales rep who's motivated by the recognition that comes with being the top producer and another who wants to sell as much as possible to earn a lucrative bonus?

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Sales Coaching for Your Team

Even if you've done your best to hire like-minded, driven salespeople, their motivations vary. The way your team members learn and develop new skills also varies. Although you may feel your usual sales training sessions are sufficient education tools, they may not be the best way to prepare your team. Even the most experienced individuals can benefit from one-on-one sales coaching. Why? Many sales people are challenged with how to take the concepts in a live classroom setting and apply them directly on the phone or in the field with a customer.

That's where one-on-one coaching comes in. Our all-inclusive approach includes coaching immediately before the call, during the call and afterwards. We provide real world sales training that is individualized and brought directly to the sales person when he or she needs it most. Now that's powerful, customer specific and results-driven.

Coaching for You

If you've found your own performance recently lacking or you simply haven't been able to raise your game to the next level, you may benefit from some one-on-one coaching from an industry expert. If you participated in sports growing up, you probably remember the helpful tips your coach shared with you to improve your performance on the field or court. You certainly can recall being extra motivated to act on your coach's words simply because your leader worked with you individually.

Now, the stakes are much bigger than hitting one out of the park or sinking a basket. Now, you have bills to pay, a family to feed, retirement to save for, and possibly kids who will eventually go to college. With so many responsibilities, it's vital to do everything you can to be as successful as possible. Why not accelerate your sales success and enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned sales efforts now? With Performance Based Results, you can!

Learn What We Can Do for You

Whether you're trying to find a way to improve one of your team member's performance or an effective way to become more successful yourself, Performance Based Results can provide sales coaching at your location. Your PBR sales coach won't tell you what you need to do to make meaningful, quantifiable changes. Instead, our individual sales coaching will involve you in the process of making those changes. You'll be asked strategic questions that will enable you to see the obstacles in the way of your success and develop solutions to those problems.

At PBR, we believe coaching is a collaborative process that's meant to help you grow professionally. We also believe that coaching should be more than industry specific. It should be specific to you and your needs. Every situation is different, and we will tailor our coaching strategies and techniques so you receive the most out of your coaching sessions and become a better sales professional, communicator, manager, and decision-maker.

Take advantage of our live in-the-field coaching sessions where we go on face-to-face sales calls. That's right. We prep ourselves on you, your customers and your industry to make the sales call with you. We become an extension of you and your company. We can also help you progress the sales forward, all with coaching before and after the call. At Performance Based Results, we go beyond coaching to deliver results. We dare any sales training provider to match our caliber of coaching solutions.

If you'd like to learn more about individual sales coaching for yourself or certain members of your team, contact Performance Based Results today.

Important Fact:

92% of our sales training clients realize 10 times (or greater) on their return-on-investment