Paul Cherry


Corporate Sales Training in the U.S. and Canada

Performance Based Results is a Delaware-based sales training consultant that delivers expert coaching to businesses throughout the continental United States and Canada. Paul Cherry has more than 25 years of experience in sales training and management coaching. As one of the best sales training programs in North America, we have helped sales teams at more than 1,200 organizations in a wide range of industries. PBR tailors B2C and B2B sales training programs for industry-specific needs and challenges. We leverage industry terms, language and regional concerns into your program so your sales team can become the most effective possible. Our goal is to become your trusted partner – so we can help you become a trusted partner for your customers

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Sales Training Workshops

Performance Based Results provides sales training workshops that offer a refresher on the skills your sales team needs to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. Ask us about a custom-tailored workshop, or hire us to provide an off-the-shelf solution that targets a specific skillset at your office’s location. You can:

  • Uncover customer goals and motivations by learning what questions to ask and listening the right way.
  • Overcome common problems, such as customers who are unwilling to commit or who bully you for endless concessions.
  • Boost management performance, improve employee morale, defeat resistance to change and align employee behavior with company expectations.
  • Learn how to communicate your value proposition so your deals meet the needs of your customers.

Corporate On-Site Sales Training

When you need organization-wide sales training because of lackluster revenue, a new product launch or poor morale, contact Performance Based Results. Paul will provide on-site corporate sales training to your team that will help your business close more deals at higher margins. We’ll take the time to get to know your business and your market so your training meets your unique needs.

The Performance Based Results process uses The Sales Bridge, a proprietary six-step plan that gives your sales team the tools they need to develop profitable customer relationships. Your team members will learn the right research techniques so they’ll face business prospects armed with accurate, valuable information. They’ll establish a rapport with prospect personnel, build trust and uncover the true goals and motivations of your customers. They’ll present value propositions that help your customers achieve their goals and close deals faster. When it’s time to start over, they’ll stay motivated through long sales cycles and challenging economic environments.

Performance Based Results has provided expert sales training services to national and global enterprises, including pharmaceutical companies, global software companies, nonprofit organizations, medical device manufacturers, manufacturing companies, hospitality businesses and others. We can help your business roll out a product launch, boost flat revenues or breathe life into a stale culture – or all three – no matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada.

Our sales training program provides:

  • Proven results that boost your top-line results. Many of our clients count our sales training program as the key reason sales improved, in some cases as much as 78 percent.
  • Ways to shorten your sales cycle. Cut the time it takes to close deals dramatically, and boost revenue sooner.
  • Customized solutions to industry-specific problems. Let Performance Based Results give your sales team the industry insider insights they need to meet their goals.