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The Workshop!

Questions That Get Results
is available as a management training workshop. Based on the book, it expands upon innovative methods managers can use to improve their team’s performance.

The Authors

Paul Cherry and Patrick Connor have over 30 years combined experience in sales training, management development, and sales performance coaching.

New Book

Questions That Get Results

Innovative Ideas Managers Can Use to Improve Their Team’s Performance


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Book Overview

Itís a crime to witness great potential in an employee who is stuck in the status quo — if only you could figure out what makes this person tick.

Perhaps you’ve asked, “What motivates you?” Only to get a lame response or an I donít know.

Thatís why to be a great manager you need to ask great questions — questions that cut through the fluff and superficial answers. You must ask questions that probe and dig deep until the real issues are uncovered — questions that empower, motivate and inspire others to act.

Unleash your team’s true potential

Discover innovative ideas as leadership experts Paul Cherry and Patrick Connor share with you, how to:

  • Get others to embrace your ideas.
  • Confront the tough problems before they fester.
  • Foster an environment that embraces accountability.
  • Get everyone to develop a customer-focused mind-set.
  • Empower your team to proactively take ownership of their jobs.
  • Motivate your people to embrace change.
  • Coach your employees to strengthen their resolve and commit to action.
  • Sustain a high-performing culture that produces bottom-line results.
  • Replicate more top producers.