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The pharmaceutical industry is facing more challenges and demands than ever before. Recent studies indicate that physicians and doctors desire fewer, but stronger, relationships with salespeople. They want reps who can deliver valuable, more relevant services, and better respond to the specific needs of a practice. To achieve these goals, the rep’s ability to engage doctors in a timely, meaningful and solution-based manner is crucial.

Performance Based Results is perfectly positioned to help your sales organization adapt to the changes in the pharmaceutical marketplace. Paul Cherry’s customized pharmaceutical sales coaching programs and workshops focus exclusively on the challenges faced by your sales team and the needs of the physicians, practices and hospitals your business serves

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Case Study:

Global Pharmaceutical Company


Global pharmaceutical company was getting ready to launch a new product but concerned that their sales reps would not adapt well to to cross-selling multiple drug lines while trying to learn a new therapy.

The company turned to Performance Based Results to develop and deliver new product training launch.


Performance Based Results trained 300 sales reps and sales managers in customized on-site workshops that focused on:

  • Gaining and sustaining access to doctors.
  • Advanced probing strategies and sales questioning techniques.
  • Expanding the sales call.

The Results