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If you want to give your Maryland team an edge in business, one of the most powerful things you can do is provide quality sales training. Teaching your management and sales teams how to communicate effectively with customers and how to close more deals has an immediate and significant impact on your bottom line.

If you want real sales training solutions, choose the personalized sales training provider more than 1,200 businesses have turned to: Performance Based Results. This is the truly personalized and intuitive company to help you address the strengths of your company to help you eke out the most sales power from your team. What makes us unique is our personalized approach. We travel to where you are and work with you one-on-one to help your team become the best it can be.

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What Is Performance Based Results?

Performance Based Results was founded by Paul Cherry, a sales training coach with decades of experience in the industry. In fact, Paul Cherry has been featured in some of the biggest business publications, including Business Daily, Inc. Magazine and more. He has published multiple books about sales. He has worked with some of the biggest and most recognizable businesses in the country, who have entrusted him to get the sales results they want.

The proof is truly in the results: Paul Cherry guarantees his results, and an astonishing 84 percent of his clients have seen an average 12:1 ROI (return on investment) after working with him.

In launching Performance Based Results, Paul was addressing a problem he saw. Many of the sales programs he saw around him were offering cookie-cutter solutions. Paul realized a fully personalized and immersive sales training solution was needed in all industries.

So he created Performance Based Results, a company that offers on-site sales training and a range of sales training solutions for companies in Delaware, Maryland and across the country. When you work with Performance Based Results, Paul can offer on-site sales coaching and training. He learns about your business so you can leverage your unique strengths and address your challenges. The goal of Performance Based Results is simple: to help you close more sales and create amazing results.

Maryland Sales Training Options

Performance Based Results has several offerings:

Performance Based Results is pleased to offer services in Maryland and across the country. No matter if you have a manufacturing company, a technology business or another type of organization, Performance Based Results is there to help you meet and exceed your sales goals. Contact Performance Based Results today to start creating a stronger sales team and a brighter future for your company.

With the many pressures to grow our membership and partner with our key clients, we found your program to be on target. Your program was highly effective, engaging, thought provoking and challenging. Most important, we got results.”

James Appleby
Senior Vice President
American Pharmacists Association