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It’s a challenge when you’re up against competitors offering essentially the same amenities and services. Customers are only too eager to commoditize, and hospitality sales professionals often capitulate by lowering rates to attract prospects and retain existing customers. This strategy causes margins to erode rapidly. We believe reps need to go beyond delivering exceptional service. They must aggressively prospect for new market opportunities, identify key decision-makers and understand customers’ unique needs.

Improving the financial performance of your hospitality business begins with boosting the market knowledge and professional skillset of your sales team. At Performance Based Results, our hospitality sales coaching program engages, instructs and energizes your sales professionals – and delivers results you can measure on your bottom line.

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With customized, on-site hospitality sales selling training, you can grow your margins to healthy levels while giving your customers better service. Are you ready to outsmart the competition? Get in touch with Performance Based Results for more information about our hotel sales training workshops and customized on-site programs.

Case Study:

Leading Hotel and Resort


Leading hotel and resort had flat revenue while newer competitors were aggressively entering its markets. Time was of the essence. They had a great reputation in service by third-party organizations, but had the following dilemmas:

  • No established sales protocol.
  • Lack of performance standards and accountability.
  • High turnover at the upper management level.
  • Eroding profit margins.

PBR Solution

  • PBR put together a customized solution for the hotel sales team to begin aggressively prospecting for new business clients.
  • PBR worked closely with the hotel’s executives and leaders by instituting sales management coaching and in-the-field coaching programs that emphasized reinforcement of newly-developed skills.

The Results

  • Hotel achieved an annual increase in gross revenue by 38%.
  • Closure rate on quotes and proposals went from 25% to 43%.
  • Increase in 28% new customers the first twelve months.
  • Developed a systematic sales process where managers went on joint calls and reinforced the process in the field.
  • Reduced operating sales costs by 23%.