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Sales representatives in the energy industry are continually challenged by an extremely competitive marketplace and the evolution of new technologies. Field-based reps must establish and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, while effectively managing prospects by developing sound marketing plans. Energy salespeople must also present value-added solutions that relate to the customer’s needs, pricing objections and regional expectations.

Performance Based Results provides customized energy sales training that engages your business’s sales team with thought-provoking coaching that delivers quantifiable results. Our programs inspire and motivate your sales professionals to take better care of customers while delivering higher margins. Get in touch with Performance Based Results when you want your sales team engaged, focused and recharged – and ready to outsmart the competition.

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Case Study:

National Electrical Distributor s


The president of large national electrical distributor wanted to make an investment in his sales force and management teams through a comprehensive training program that stressed continual reinforcement and application.

He also wanted to give managers the skills needed to motivate salespeople to excel even when the economy seems jittery.

PBR Solution

PBR developed a three-month Professional Sales Skills training initiative that included customized on-site workshops targeted separately at salespeople and managers.

Workshops were conducted at multiple locations and sessions were given in two installments to emphasis reinforcement of learned skills.

The Results

  • Tremendous ROI reported within the first two months after training started.
  • $6,000,000 increase in sales revenue documented.