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With today’s emerging and changing agricultural technologies, ag sales are subject to significant price volatility because of the globalization of agricultural commodities. Ag sales professionals endeavor to sell more equipment, products, and services used for growing food and raising animals on farms and ranches. These reps are challenged by corporate farm takeovers and generational conflicts. We strive to help sales reps develop better value-added solutions so they can close more business.

Performance Based Results offers agricultural sales training programs that combine pre-training assessment, customized on-site workshops and in-the-field coaching for a truly comprehensive approach. We not only focus on the precise work you do within the agriculture industry, but also on the unique needs of your company and team. Paul Cherry’s proven effective methods provide customized, industry-specific, engaging and interactive agricultural sales training and coaching capable of delivering measurable, quantifiable results.

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We partner with a broad variety of companies working in agriculture including Ag products, Ag service and Ag equipment sales. Our agricultural training programs focus on either selling skills or management skills and are available for front-line sales forces, team leaders, senior executives or the entire company.

  • Achieving a higher and more sustainable level of engagement and motivation.
  • Improving customer to employee communication and relationships.
  • Gaining greater insight and tactical knowledge into the distinct market and industry.
  • Providing practical and cutting-edge techniques that can quickly be put into action.

Case Study:

Leading Agribusiness Manufacturer


  • Manufacturer of cattle nutritional products struggling with 0% sales growth.
  • Salespeople taking orders and servicing existing accounts.
  • Price objections and no name brand recognition.
  • No structure or KPIs to measure and monitor sales performance.
  • Lack of accountability and low morale.

PBR Solution

In order to change sales behaviors, the company turned to Performance Based Results to put together a sales training, coaching and management development program that would focus on changing the sales culture.

To improve the quality of calls made by sales reps, PBR went in-the-field and shadowed sales calls, then conducted pre-planning and post-review coaching sessions. A major emphasis was placed on:

  • Consultative selling to up-sell and cross-sell.
  • Closing more business by encouraging reps to decisively ask the customer for the order.

The Results

Year One: In the 12 months following initial training:

  • The company generated more than 50% sales growth
  • Closing ratio went from 10% to 31%.
  • Average order size increased 28%.
  • Salespeople were given every Friday afternoon off.

Year Two:

  • Revenue increased from $15 million to $20 million.
  • Sales manager promoted to executive leadership position.

Bottom line: The company's sales force was working less hours for greater results. A win-win for everyone.