#1 Program Overview — How to Disrupt Entrenched Competitors and Win the Business You Deserve!

How often does this frustration occur? You initiate a new sales opportunity and the prospect says, “We’re happy with our existing supplier.”

Why is this? Your offer is better – even superior – to what they’re using. If only you could get the prospect to listen.

Most prospects claim they’re “satisfied” with their current suppliers. In reality, many are not. It’s a lot easier to dismiss you. Prospects want to stick with what’s comfortable — believing what they’re using now is working fine.

Watch the program overviewHow to Disrupt Entrenched Competitors

So, should we let them wallow in a “state of ignorance,” which could ultimately put themselves and their business at risk?

Traditional Selling Techniques Often Backfire?

Here’s the problem, the following traditional selling techniques often backfire:

  • Feature-benefit selling
  • Low-ball pricing
  • Groveling for a small piece of the business
  • Revealing a competitor’s vulnerability

By implementing these practices, prospects do the exact opposite of what you want. They are more inclined to dig in their heels and stay put — remaining with their current vendor.

Major Benefits of This Program

With this new program, we’ll share with you counterintuitive techniques that allow you to:

  1. Unseat and displace your prospect’s entrenched competitor relationships
  2. Instigate change
  3. Motivate prospects to embrace your solution

Now you can put a stop to incompetent competitors that continue to get the business that should be yours.

Who Should Attend

  • Presidents and owners
  • Senior executives
  • Sales managers
  • Outside and inside sales
  • Marketing professionals
  • Anyone directly involved with generating sales revenue!

Watch the program overview

How to Disrupt Entrenched Competitors

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