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What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

What’s standing in the way of your next closed sale? If you’re like many salespeople, you’ve heard a multitude of explanations and excuses for why clients walk away from a deal. Another vendor offers a comparable product at a lower price. The time just isn’t right to make an investment in “something new.” Based on a theoretical case study she prepared in college, your prospect’s third cousin’s wife has advised your prospect to go in a different direction. Yes, you’ve heard plenty of explanations ranging from understandable to plausible to laughable. It’s easy to follow-up with prospects and overcome their objections in some instances. But sometimes, it’s not so simple. While you may think counteracting illogical rejections is your biggest challenge, it’s not. Your biggest challenge is overcoming an objection that hasn’t been verbalized. And it’s your job as a sales professional to rise to this challenge early on in the sales process. Overcome an Unspoken Objection You may be wondering, “How can I possibly overcome an objection that hasn’t been shared with me?” The answer is by asking questions […]  Read More

How Will You Respond To A Prospect Who Asks About Price?

How Will You Respond

When you’re a salesperson, there’s nothing like the feeling when your inbound line rings. When prospects call you, they’re actively seeking you out, which means they have a pre-established interest in the goods or services you sell. Common Questions One of the most common questions prospects will open the conversation with you is, “How much does your product or service cost?” When you field an incoming call, how do you normally respond to this familiar question? If you’re like many, you explain your pricing structure and tell your curious prospects that they can get X, Y, or Z for an affordable fee of just X number of dollars per month. While that typical reply certainly answers the question, it will normally elicit a response that goes something like this, “Thank you for the information. I’ll need to think it over and get back to you.” How often have you heard this but never could reconnect with the prospect? The mistake many salespeople make is taking a prospect’s question about price at face value. When prospects call you, they want to […]  Read More

What Good Managers Know About Holding Their Sales Team Accountable

Being a good manager means passing the Goldilocks test: not too hard, not too soft, but just right. Accountability can be difficult for managers to implement, especially if they did not have good managers themselves when they worked on a sales force. Everyone wants to be a good manager, but definitions of the term can vary. Ultimately, a good manager is one whose sales team is successful every quarter. There are a lot of factors that go into creating that level of success, however, and accountability is an important one. Fear of Confrontation Can Hinder Performance Some people see a good manager as one who gets along with everyone on the sales team. He doesn’t hassle anyone about unconventional work styles, scream about monthly quotas or demand reams of unnecessary paperwork. If it is important to you to be this kind of good manager, you are probably reluctant to hold underperforming members of your team accountable. You are not alone, though. According to a recent Harvard Review study, 46% of managers worldwide are not good at holding their teams accountable. […]  Read More

Web Seminar: 3 Ways to Knock Out Competitor Relationships

DATE: Thursday, February 2, 2017 TIME: 11 am EST (8 am PST) LENGTH: 30 minutes Register Here What do you do when a prospect tells you, “We’re satisfied with our existing vendor relationship?” Should you… Nitpick your competitor’s weaknesses? Overwhelm prospects with a laundry list of all your best attributes (in 30 seconds or less)? Beg for an opportunity to just hear you out? Give your prospect such a low-ball price, that they’ll just have to do business with you? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Your prospect will stop listening to you. Register Now Existing vendor relationships The truth is, most prospects are not thrilled with their existing vendor relationships. They’re stuck in a state of complacency and have already tuned you out. If only there was a way to get your prospects to listen… We have the answer First, you must get your foot in the door. Second, learn to shake things up — get prospects out of their status-quo mindsets. And third, motivate prospects to think about the “what ifs” and that things really can be better. Join sales expert Paul Cherry for […]  Read More

The Top Five Reasons Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work — and How to Fix It, FAST

An astonishing 85% of sales training falls short of delivering on its ROI. Additionally, approximately 80% of new skills are lost within one week of training if they are not used, and about 87% of skills are lost within a month of training if they are not used regularly. Sales are the lifeblood of a company. Without steady sales, companies fail. Yet, some sales teams receive little, if any, training. Others receive inadequate one-hour seminars and are told they have just completed sales training. Is it any wonder why sales training doesn’t work? The best salespeople in the world are akin to Olympic-level athletes. However, companies treat them as if they can simply hit the ground running and sell, sell, sell without any training at all. Consider how many hours go into training for the Olympics. An Olympic gymnast trains for years before hitting the mat with her teammates. We should do no less for our sales leaders. There are many reasons why sales training doesn’t work. The right sales training techniques, however, can help your sales team train for […]  Read More