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What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

What’s standing in the way of your next closed sale? If you’re like many salespeople, you’ve heard a multitude of explanations and excuses for why clients walk away from a deal. Another vendor offers a comparable product at a lower price. The time just isn’t right to make an investment in “something new.” Based on […]  Read More

How Will You Respond To A Prospect Who Asks About Price?

How Will You Respond

When you’re a salesperson, there’s nothing like the feeling when your inbound line rings. When prospects call you, they’re actively seeking you out, which means they have a pre-established interest in the goods or services you sell. Common Questions One of the most common questions prospects will open the conversation with you is, “How much […]  Read More

What Good Managers Know About Holding Their Sales Team Accountable

Being a good manager means passing the Goldilocks test: not too hard, not too soft, but just right. Accountability can be difficult for managers to implement, especially if they did not have good managers themselves when they worked on a sales force. Everyone wants to be a good manager, but definitions of the term can […]  Read More

Web Seminar: 3 Ways to Knock Out Competitor Relationships

DATE: Thursday, February 2, 2017 TIME: 11 am EST (8 am PST) LENGTH: 30 minutes Register Here What do you do when a prospect tells you, “We’re satisfied with our existing vendor relationship?” Should you… Nitpick your competitor’s weaknesses? Overwhelm prospects with a laundry list of all your best attributes (in 30 seconds or less)? Beg for […]  Read More

The Top Five Reasons Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work — and How to Fix It, FAST

An astonishing 85% of sales training falls short of delivering on its ROI. Additionally, approximately 80% of new skills are lost within one week of training if they are not used, and about 87% of skills are lost within a month of training if they are not used regularly. Sales are the lifeblood of a […]  Read More