12-Month Sales Training Outlook

As part of the customization process for our programs, we present three plans — Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plus — where each plan maps out a structured 12-month schedule to provide assistance in developing your sales training and management training curriculum. Plans vary by your level of investment. All three plans offer further customization choices of on‑site, tele‑conference, and webinar‑based solutions.




Platinum Plus


Sales Team Assessment

Sales Training

Sales Coaching

In-the-Field Coaching

Executive Coaching

On-Site Sales Training. Performance Based Results provides live trainer-led corporate sales training meetings conducted on-site at the organization’s headquarters or at a convenient pre-determined meeting facility. In-The-Field Sales Coaching. A vital component in sales training involves our commitment to spending time in the field with your sales reps where we go on live, face-to-face sales calls with the team member and the customer. That’s right. Based on observations and trusted communication, we prepare a structured plan-of-action (before and after the call) to help progress the sales forward. Sales Team Assessment. We target your needs by assessing what your sales team is doing right and where they can improve. We’ll identify the key skills and attitudes required to maximize their success and your company’s growth. One-On-One Sales Coaching helps individual sales reps improve their selling skills so they can move to the next level. Our all-inclusive approach includes coaching immediately before the call, during the call and afterwards. We provide real world sales training that is individualized and brought directly to the salesperson when he or she needs it most. Now that’s powerful, customer specific and results-driven. We offer on-site and tele-conference options. Executive/Leadership Coaching. It’s simple. We know that in order for any of our sales training solutions to be successful — your organization’s sales management and leadership must be an integral part of that solution. Through our executive/leadership coaching we provide executives and managers the tools to motivate and empower their teams to be more action-oriented. They get the results they want and the answers they need. These intense coaching sessions provide the latest training methods to achieve maximum sales performance.