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Let’s face it. Sales training sends shivers down the back of many a business leader. You shell out an exorbitant amount of money to hire some over-the-top, Type-A speaker to get your people stirred up for a brief amount of time with a “razzle-dazzle” presentation — only to have your people return to their original lackluster performance a month later. Where is the sales growth? Why isn’t your sales team closing more deals? Where’s the return-on-investment?

Connect with customers, build relationships, and close more sales

At Performance Based Results (PBR), we understand your frustration. With over 25 years experience in sales performance training, we know what works.

Our state-of-the-art engagement process — asking customers and prospects the right sales questions — is the foundation of our training. We teach power-probing questions to “bring to the surface” what customers really need by discovering customers’ pains, true emotions and motivations. You become a trusted advisor and partner — and not just an order-taker. It’s revolutionary!

At Performance Based Results we specialize in business‑to-business sales training for organizations across the country, in all industries and markets. We will create a plan of action that combines in‑depth pre‑training assessment, customized on‑site workshops, and in‑the‑field coaching for a comprehensive approach capable of transforming your organization.

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Develop & Manage Successful, Long-Lasting Key Accounts

We help you define key accounts, the relationship between your business and your customers. By setting ourselves apart from other corporate sales performance specialists, we give your organization a competitive edge. We provide a truly personalized B2B sales training experience that’s industry-specific, highly engaging, interactive, and always thought-provoking. PBR strives to improve customer and employee relationships and arm your team with the knowledge and skills to implement positive change and improve sales performance.

You benefit from intensive coaching, innovative reinforcement techniques and built-in accountability that come together to deliver quantifiable, sustainable results. From one-on-one and group sales training and sales management training to sales workshops and in-the-field coaching, Paul Cherry will work with your customer-facing representatives, team leaders, executives and entire company to deliver the skills, mindset and motivation to.

Our Sales Bridge Model targets your organization’s needs

The Sales Bridge Training Model is our proprietary system that ends the frustration of one-size-fits-all sales training solutions that don’t consider the dynamics of your specific industry and market — plus don’t take into account the unique needs of divisions within your own company.

The Bridge model allows us to develop a truly customized solution through listening to your concerns, diagnosing strengths and finding weaknesses. We partner with your management and sales force to deliver what is needed to position your company for success.

The Sales Bridge breaks the sales process into six steps — Research, Rapport, Discovery, Solution, and Motivation — creating a “roadmap” to precisely address your sales and management challenges.

The Sales Bridge

Customized Workshops build motivation & increase profits

When you’re searching for answers on how to improve sales results and better motivate your team, Performance Based Results offers the strategic partnership to help your business reach its full potential.

We boast over 25 years of experience in corporate sales training and management coaching, and we have worked with over 1,200 organizations in virtually every type of industry.

Our workshops feature an energy-infused, fun and inspiring approach that provides the right skills to develop, manage and close more sales. We stand behind our program because we’ve seen it work time and again for businesses that have participated in our corporate sales training workshops and followed through on our recommendations.


We integrate Live Sales Team Training with In-Field Coaching

Performance Based Results’ customized sales training programs employ effective methods in coaching and mentoring to deliver sustainable positive results. We work closely with you and your senior executives to discover optimum potential.

Through on-site training and coaching, Paul Cherry will teach sales workshop participants the selling strategies and expert questioning skills and put them into play in real-life client interactions.

Whether you work in medical, pharmaceutical, or agriculture sales, or any other industry that requires substantial results – our integrated training and coaching programs have the power to motivate and empower your entire organization to make the changes necessary to achieve long-term objectives.

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